We at Top Trade Inc, with almost 27 years of experience in the Industrial Safety Market, come together to fight this invisible enemy which knows no borders, respects no race or religion, creed or belief, rich or poor .

As experts in the Safety Industry, we want to highlight some of our key products needed in this unprecedented situation. We can furnish:

  1. KN95 Masks

  2. Medical 3-ply masks

  3. Disposable face masks

  4. Face Shields

  5. Ventilators

  6. Nitrile Gloves

  7. Premium Protective Goggles

  8. Hand Sanitizer

  9. Infrared Thermometers

  10. Medical Grade Coverall

  11. Isolation Gown

  12. COVID-19 Test Kit

These days, the CDC is recommending that people wear day to day masks in order to reduce the possibility of infection from COVID-19. Please make note that these masks are NOT medical grade masks nor should you use them with 100% sense of protection. Our washable face masks offer that, a "sense" of initial protection from this pandemic. You must always consider taking additional precautions if you are reducing your social distancing and might be exposed to any kind of virus. Please follow the CDC guidelines for complete protection by clicking this link to find out more and go to the CDC website.

When saving lives matter!
Top Trade Inc. Capacity of 22K masks per day.

Give us the opportunity to work together and we can efficiently handle all logistics from manufacture to the point of destination. We will also be delivering free of freight charges on all orders. CLICK HERE TO FIND  PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.

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Email: management@toptradeinc.com

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