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With four decades of highway safety leadership and innovation, RoadVista has set the standard in retroreflectometer accuracy, reliability and usability. RoadVista, a Gamma Scientific company, is committed to making roads visibly safer with a complete selection of instruments and laboratory testing services for retroreflection and roadway lighting. Retroreflectometers and light measurement instruments from RoadVista are available for testing traffic signs, pavement markings, pavement markers, delineators, sign sheeting, high visibility clothing, headlamps, and automotive and roadway lighting.

Agencies have always recognized the important correlation between pavement markings’ visibility, retroreflectivity and roadway safety. As automated and autonomous vehicles become more prolific, good markings become even more critical for continued safe operation on mixed-use roads. These agencies are embarking on the challenge of assessing and managing the pavement markings of their entire roadway system. The Laserlux® G7 is the safe, smart and simple solution to meet this challenge. The Laserlux® G7 provides continuous pavement marking assessment and evaluation within the flow of traffic. It is the only commercially available instrument that does not require a dedicated vehicle or vehicle modifications to operate.

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